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Do the following characteristics describe you?

  • Do you consider yourself or do others consider you to be very sensitive?
  • Does emotional pain, or perhaps physical pain, really get to you?
  • Do you tear up or cry easily – for instance, even during TV commercials?
  • Do you tend to avoid dealing with painful issues?
  • Do you find it hard to get over losses or get through grieving?
  • Have you been through a great deal of physical or emotional pain?
  • Do you crave pleasure, comfort, reward, enjoyment, or numbing from treats like chocolate, bread, wine, romance novels, marijuana, tobacco, or lattes?


If you had answered ‘Yes’ to most of the questions above, you may be deficient in endorphins, a type of neurotransmitter produced by our brain that produces a sense of comfort, contentment and euphoria.

When we are low on endorphins, we become highly sensitive to the comments and opinion of others. While those with health endorphin levels may simply shrug off the comments as harmless remarks, the person with endorphin deficiency may internalize the remarks and allow it to fester and grow, which over time leads to frustration, irritability and anger.

How many of you have witnessed people getting into arguments and fights over just an innocent remark?

If the above description fits you, you may also experience much productivity lost from the constant preoccupation with the opinions of others

As you are reading this, you may probably feel relieved, or even experience a sense of being vindicated.