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James came to me in the beginning of 2015 as a last ditch effort to save his marriage. Although his wife had already started legal proceedings for divorce with him (due to almost 10 years of suffering from his explosive anger outbursts) James wanted to resolve his anger issues once and for all so that he would not repeat the same mistake in his future relationships.

During our sessions, we discovered that his anger originated from the heartbreak he experienced from witnessing the divorce of his parents. It was further compounded by physical abuse by caregivers when he was left in a foster family.

Unlike most of my clients with anger management issues who were generally healthy, James often complained of migraine headaches, insomnia, and muscle pain. Suspicious that his anger could be contributed by magnesium deficiency, I recommended a form of magnesium supplement which he could easily buy off the shelf at a health food store at Cityhall area.

Within 1 week of taking magnesium, all his abovementioned symptoms were gone, including his usual anxiety and irritability. His mood improved drastically from then on.

James’ last words to me before the end of our last session were “if only I had known about my magnesium deficiency much earlier, my wife wouldn’t have left me.”

As I often explained to my clients, anger is a multifaceted problem that has emotional (eg. unresolved childhood trauma), physical (nutrition and hormonal imbalances) and lifestyle components (late nights, shift work, alcohol addiction etc).

Only by addressing all aspects can we experience complete relief from this problem.

Sometime after James completed his sessions with me, the production team of Channel 5’s The Five Show approached me for help to send my clients to share their experiences on their program. James happily accepted the invitation. Below is an excerpt of the program.